Four-Point Inspections

A four point inspection is typically required by an insurance company for homes that are approaching 40 years of age or older. A four point inspection determines whether any updates, repairs or upgrades have been made to any of the roof, electrical, plumbing and heating and cooling systems. If upgrades have been made and completed properly, the homeowner may qualify for additional discounts on their insurance premiums. If systems that are 40 years or older have not been upgraded, generally insurance premiums will be higher.

Roof Inspection

KAZ & Company Inc.We will examine the structural integrity of a home’s roofing system including: Type of Roof Covering, Estimated Age, Number of Shingle Layers, Type of Sheathing, Flashing damage, missing shingles or covering, truss or rafter damage, evidence of active leaks and estimated life expectancy.

Upon completion of any Home Inspection, KAZ & Company Inc. provides detailed Inspection Report Documentation with full color pictures for property owners’ records.